On Monday, members of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority met to voice their frustrations with a series of problems at Hudson Yard’s 34th Street station.

The station has only been in operation for six months, however the station been in a constant state of of disarray.

As reported by Rebecca Fishbein with gothamist.com, the 34th street station is suffering from numerous water leaks, leading to the formation of mold and even icicles and ice patches during the winter months. Out of the five escalators, only three are operational while bathrooms remain unoccupied due to being out of order.

After spending $2.4 billion to extend the No. 7 subway line to Hudson Yards, the MTA finds themselves literally doing damage control to fix the problems at the 34th street station.

Though the leaks have recently been brought to light, the MTA knew about the leaks since as early as 2013. According to an MTA spokesperson,”There was a pattern of unacceptable results which is why we demanded that the work be redone at Yonkers Contracting’s expense and that we would do it with a new subcontractor with special expertise in dealing with this issue. The problem was sporadic but the repairs never lasted.”

Yonkers Contracting will pay the $3 million to fix the leaks in the station. MTA chairman Thomas F. Prendergast will not take any more chances and will hire an independent engineer to review the project during its projected three month process.

It can be said that the current problems at the station are just an extension of delays that plagued the station early in its construction, including problems with the vertical elevators designed by Italian company

The 34th Street station opened back in September of 2015. Construction began on the station in 2007.