For the first time ever, Hudson Yards has a chance to be voted New York’s neighborhood of the year in the 12th annual Curbed Cup.

Every year, Curbed asks readers to vote in an “oft-heated competition that celebrates local pride as much as it does civic developments.”

The contest is structured in brackets, like the NCAA basketball tournament. In the first round, 16 different neighborhoods square off against one another. Hudson Yards is pitted against Yorkville.

By all indications, this should be a rout. Hudson Yards is seeded third, while Yorkville owns the lowly 13th seed. Hudson Yards has the gleaming new 7 train station, while the streets of Yorkville have been torn to shreds by the never-ending Second Avenue Subway project.

Hudson Yards boasts cutting-edge architecture, restaurants, parks, and spectacular views of the river, while Yorkville is home to whiny millennials who, according to the New York Times, absolutely hate living there.

The choice is clear. If you’re a Hudson Yardie, show your pride. First-round voting ends tomorrow, so go to Curbed right now and vote for the best neighborhood in the city!