On Oct. 17 and 18, a “Train of Many Colors” arrived at the 34th Street-Hudson Yards station to take eager Mets fans to Citi Field for the NCLS opening games.  The train is a vintage time-lapse of old railway cars: each of the train’s 11 cars was manufactured between 1948 and 1964, and old maps, James Bond posters, and vintage ads cover the interiors.  According to the MTA, “[the train’s] varying color schemes represent several different eras in subway history, including the redbirds and the striking two-tone robin’s egg blue and cream World’s Fair colors.”

The train delighted Mets fans and rail enthusiasts alike with its combination of old-school style and railroad history.  And for those hoping for another chance to ride, Gothamist reports that the train will return to the rails if the series continues to games 6 and 7, which are slated for Oct. 24 and Oct. 25 at Citi Field.

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