About those subway ads at the 34th St-Hudson Yards station…They’re actually kind of a big deal.

They’re the latest and greatest technology platform from Outfront Media, and they include “addressable digital displays” and “cross-channel targeting with mobile devices,” MediaPost reports. In other words, ads can be targeted specifically to transit passengers and locality, which allows marketers tighter control over their message and audience.

It will also increase their ability to measure the results. Marketers will be able to track when consumers exposed to an outdoor or mobile ad then enter a storefront location or make some follow-up action on their mobile phones.

The new platform is called Outfront ON Smart Media, and Outfront plans to expand it beyond the Hudson Yards station to all its outdoor inventory. By the way, the subtitle on its promotional video is “Digital Domination.”

So, next time you walk through the station with your phone, check to see whether the ads happen to be promoting your favorite restaurant. Coincidence? Not a bit.