The $350 million Pier 57 project is one of the most buzzed-about aspects in the development of Hudson Yards. And tomorrow, members of the public will be able to review and comment on the latest updates to the project.

The public hearing is scheduled for 6:30-8:30 pm on Wednesday, January 20 at the Fulton Center Auditorium, located at 119 Ninth Ave.

Pier 57 is scheduled to open in 2018. Jutting into the Hudson at the end of W. 15th St, the structure will boast a food market created by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. It will also contain Google’s new offices, a rooftop park, and a space that can be used as the new home of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Tomorrow’s hearing will focus on two issues. The first is a proposed 97-year lease between the Hudson River Park Trust and Super57 LLC, which is developing the space. The second is a change to Hudson River Park’s General Project Plan that incorporates the Pier 57 development.

Members of the public are also welcome to submit comments and questions to, and to view the lease and the change to the General Project Plan online.