Starbucks, step aside:  increasingly, landlords are favoring smaller, artisan coffee shops over the international coffee giant.

Across the city, a number of Starbucks locations have found their space awarded to someone else when the lease expires, Commercial Observer observed in a recent article.  It listed a number of such cases, notably at Grand Central Terminal (from the Lexington Ave. entrance) and Lincoln Center at 156 Columbus Ave., where the former Starbucks location has yet to be reoccupied.

A number of homegrown, smaller chains have leaped to fill the void.  Café Grumpy eventually took the spot at Grand Central Terminal; it has five other locations across the city, including a storefront in Chelsea.  Caffe Bene has also seen explosive growth recently, with new locations in Midtown South and East Village.

Blue Bottle is another coffee retailer to watch.  Dedicated to its vision of high-quality coffee served at eclectic locations, Blue Bottle has a location on the High Line at 10th Ave. and West 16th St. as well as a spot at 450 West 15th St.

Hudson Yards is in on the trend as well.  Related Companies’ Abington House has signed Think Coffee to occupy a space in the building. Commercial Observer interviewed Daria Salusbury, a senior vice president at Related, about the decision; Salusbury confirmed that Think Coffee’s smaller size and urban, independent feel helped make it an appealing choice.

So, next time you see one of these new, artisanal oases, stop in and give it try!  You might just discover a new favorite.

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