New York is the best U.S. city for public transit, according to Redfin, a real estate brokerage. New York beat out almost 350 U.S. cities to claim the top spot. The calculations incorporated data from over 10,000 neighborhoods.

New York’s score increased 2.9 points this year to reach 84.1. Walk Score, a Redfin company that contributed to the report, considers this an “excellent” ranking. The extension of the 7 line and the new 34th St.-Hudson Yards station may have played a role in the improved score.

Rankings are based on the relative “usefulness” of public transit (which includes bus, subway, light rail and ferry) by location. Relevant factors include distance to stops on a route, route frequency, and route type (rail outranks bus service, for instance). Transit Score is based on data from the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).

The top ten cities with populations over 300,000 are:

City Transit Score
New York City 84.1
San Francisco 80.4
Boston 74.4
Washington, D.C. 70.6
Philadelphia 66.8
Chicago 64.7
Miami 59.4
Baltimore 57.8
Minneapolis 57.5
Seattle 57.0

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