Apartments in the eye-catching “Vision Machine” condo cost millions of dollars – but tenants have complained that the building is poorly-constructed and drafty.

Loren Ridinger, the founder of Motive Cosmetics, is suing the developers of the building, which sits at W. 19th St. and the West Side Highway. Ridinger, who owns four units in the building, filed his $20 million suit in Manhattan’s Supreme Court, the New York Post reports.

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel, the building’s facade is made up of 1,700 irregularly-shaped glass panels. According to the suit, cost-cutting measures during construction “left the lauded glass curtain wall with fatal construction defects.”

In fact, the suit alleges, the panels were hastily “shoved together,” which has caused tenants to feel cold, drafty winds from the Hudson River. The situation became so bad that the building’s hydronic heating pipes have frozen and burst.

This isn’t the first time that tenants have complained about the “Vision Machine.” In 2011, Curbed reported an epidemic of “buyer’s remorse” that involved leaks, drafts, cracking concrete, and even detached ceiling panels held in place with tape. As a result, “more than half of the original round of buyers attempted to back out of their contracts.”

And before that, Curbed reported on complaints that the building’s construction was a year behind schedule and more than $50 million over budget.

Nouvel, who is currently working on the Louvre Abu Dhabi, has stood behind the tenants. In 2010, he told the New York Times that the developers went “off course,” and that they wanted “to complete the building as inexpensively as possible” and “take the money.”