Talk about mixed-use buildings: the Mercedes House is part residential building, part horse stable.

The stable is the new home of the horses of the NYPD Mounted Unit. The unit moved from its previous home at Pier 76, now a part of Hudson River Park.

Located on 54th Street, the Mercedes House calls itself “New York’s next architectural icon” and features luxury apartments with numerous amenities. Its four-legged residents will also be living in high style. The $30 million stables feature 27 separate stalls, two hot water showers, a state-of-the-art hayloft and—crucially—an excellent ventilation system. It also includes an indoor corral visible from the street, so passers-by can glimpse the horses from the sidewalk.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” Sergeant Donald Boyle told DNAinfo. “[The horses] deserve it; they work hard every day for us.”