If you were a perfume, which one would you be?

For Hudson Yards, that question just got a whole lot easier. “Hudson Yards” is the name of a perfume from Bond No. 9; it is part of a collection of perfumes that celebrates the different neighborhoods of New York City.

The Bond No. 9 collection has a “dual mission,” says its website. It seeks to “restore artistry to perfumery, and mark every New York neighborhood with a scent of its own.”

So, what do we smell like? Wet petals of Lily of the Valley, Sparkling Freesia, Pink Pepper Oil, Peony Buds, Rose Oil, Lychee, Orange Flower and Ibis, and White Ray of Musk, apparently. “Hudson Yards” evokes springtime and new beginnings.

We’re also a little pricey, which may also be fitting.

The bottle is bright green, topped with an enormous flower and stamped with golden medallions of the Bond No. 9 logo. Its cousins, a “Hudson Yards” scented candle and body cream, are similarly adorned.

So, next time you’re feeling the need for a little self-discovery, skip the online quizzes and head out to a perfumery. Who knows? You just might find yourself.