Fewer than 6,000 passengers a day are using the new 34th Street-Hudson Yard station, AMNewYork found. This is a mere fraction of the estimated 32,000 people the MTA had projected would use the station.

The daily numbers surged during the recent Comic Con, when around 18,300 riders per day entered or exited the station on their way to the Jacob Javits Convention Center. However, this was the exception rather than the rule.

What should we make of these numbers? A little perspective helps shed some light on the disparities. First of all, the station opened in September, just over a month ago. Moreover, a High Line entrance that is a potential draw for many passengers is currently closed. And most significantly, the Hudson Yards area is still under construction. The estimated 20,000 apartment buildings and millions of square feet of retail space have yet to open their doors. The destinations the new station is intended to serve are still a work in progress.

The MTA may have taken a longer-term view when it estimated such high volume for its new station. While the current trickle of traffic may raise some eyebrows, the MTA’s predictions have plenty of time to come true.