Architect Eytan Kaufman has released renderings for a proposed nine-acre floating island to be built on the Hudson River,

The ‘Hub On the Hudson’ will feature five pyramid shaped buildings that will be home to various restaurants, art galleries, open spaces for visitors as well as a marina. Pedestrians will have access to the Hub from the final leg of High Line Park with an extension that will cross over the West Side Highway.

The former rail line was repurposed as a park in 2006 as a community restoration project in Chelsea, starting from Ganevoost St. in the Meatpacking District to 34th street in Hudson Yards. The Line opened in three phrases, with the third and final phrase expected to open by 2017 when Hudson Yards is officially completed.

Ondel Hylton of believes that the Hub on the Hudson will be beneficial to the area by making use of an “underwhelming stretch of west side Manhattan waterfront. It’s necessary for many of the city’s important utilitarian uses to be stationed here, such as the cruise ship terminal, a waste transfer station, and an inter-modal ferry hub.”

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The proposed island will add to the splendor of the High Line in Hudson Yards as the NYC Parks Department has plans to build a 4,500 piazza on the High Line above 10th Avenue and 30th Street.


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