Black Friday shopping a little too mainstream for you? How about getting a tattoo instead?

Google’s blog reports that a disproportional number of Google Maps users in New York spent their Black Friday searching for tattoo shops. And that’s not just this year: that’s over the past three years.

Why New York? Why Black Friday?

DNAinfo spoke with tattoo historian Anna Friedman about her interpretation of the trend. Friedman noted that New York is well suited to meet the demand, since it has an exceptionally high number of tattoo parlors. It ranks third among the states for quantity of tattoo parlors, according to market research company IBIS World.

The heavy tourism in New York City over the holidays likely plays a role as well. “One of the reasons people who travel get tattoos as a form of commemoration is because they’re easily portable,” Friedman told DNAinfo. “It’s going to be a lot easier to bring back a tattoo than a VCR or a new TV,” she said.

As for Black Friday, Friedman points out that the holidays are often a time for nostalgia. Families reunite, college students return home to families, class reunions take place: all of these can spark the desire to commemorate things past.

“People might be in that psychological mindset of wanting to commemorate important things about their lives…[and] drawn to immortalizing them in tattoo form,” Friedman said.

If you missed the boat on Black Friday, check out some nearby tattoo shops here. Just be aware that many of the top parlors require an appointment months in advance. New Years Eve, anyone?