Amtrak’s CEO Joe Boardman is on a panel to discuss challenges facing the railway company.  Amtrak has rail lines stretching across much of the continental U.S.; it is also in the midst of a construction project at Hudson Yards.

The panel perceives the troubles plaguing rail companies today as far-reaching and symptomatic of an underlying national issue.

TravelPulse describes a “potential infrastructure crisis” facing the United States today—a crisis that is oft overlooked amid the crush of other priorities.  The panel is hoping to bring national attention to the issues of aging infrastructure, railway congestion, and underfunded railway projects.

“Amtrak is doing what it can, but the root of the problem is lack of funding,” said a statement Boardman released concerning the panel’s discussions.  “We don’t need to find a solution—we need to fund one,” he insisted.

New York was mentioned as a location rife with infrastructure issues.

One of Amtrak’s projects in the area, the Concrete Casing at Hudson Yards, has made some progress: the first phase is the project is already complete, and Phase II is underway. However, TravelPulse reports that “future work on other critical components of the Gateway Program remains unfunded.”

Rail travel is a critical means of transportation for many New Yorkers.  Its future will impact the lives of millions of passengers.