The High Line has brought tourists, real estate development, and businesses to the far West Side. It’s also brought some of the highest Airbnb prices in Manhattan.

As of December 7, the average price for an Airbnb space in Manhattan is $167 per night. But in the westernmost areas of Chelsea and Midtown, the average price is well over $200.

A 2-bedroom apartment in the Hudson Yards area rents for a whopping $575 per night, while nearby “junior 1-bedroom” apartments go for $250-$300 per night. And if you want to stay near Chelsea Piers, expect to cough up at least $200 per night if you’re renting through Airbnb.

The crown jewel of Airbnb’s local listings is a 2300-square-foot “luxury loft” at the corner of 10th Ave. and W. 21st St.  Suitable for a family of four, it costs $1065 per night!

Fortunately, there are still plenty of spaces for budget-conscious visitors. You can rent a 1-bedroom on 10th and W. 29th for just $80 per night, and a room in an “artistic loft” at 10th and W. 37 will set you back just $50 per night.